Quote that inspires me:

“Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do, and what you’ll find is that you can overcome anything.” – Anonymous
 I am starting a weight loss regiment this coming week.  The plan is to lose 25-30 lbs for my daughters wedding so i look good in the pictures.  This quote is on my white board to remind that I can do this!  Keep me in your prayers, I am such a foodie this is going to be really tough.

Memory of the Week:

Dropping off my eldest son off at college.  Last weekend I sent my son off to the University of Notre Dame.  It was an amazing experience see him welcomed by his dorm mates at #SiegfriedHall. Pulling up to the hall to get him situated, seeing the older guys clapping and cheering, welcoming him. One guy yelled out, “Christian! What’s happening dude?” I smiled so big inside. He has an awesome roommate from Long Island.  He is so stoked about his schedule, his dorm, just being at Notre Dame.  My dad would be so proud.  One final note.  As I pulled away from the dorm and saw Christian out of my rear view mirror raising his hand to wave good bye, tears streamed down my face and it took all I had to just keep driving.  At that moment it was all surreal to me, images of my boy growing up flashed through my head like a slide show, it all happened so fast. The last thing I remember as I drove off the campus, the marching band was practicing in an open field, playing the Fighting Irish Football fight song, I knew then everything would be okay.

Christian & Billy
Christian and his roommate Billy from Long island, NY

Music I’m relaxing and Jamming to:

Two options for completely different scenarios.  “Lei Pikake” by Hapa (relaxing).  When I am feeling stressed out, I close my eyes and turn on Hapa.  This song always relaxes me.  I heard this several years ago while I was in Hawaii and it has been a “go to” for me ever since.  It’s Friday so I am Jamming out to “Sugar” by Maroon 5! This song always makes me sing out loud and it’s responsible for two awkward moments. One, was singing this at the top of my lungs in my office when I realized one of our Chinese students was playing the piano in the room next to me.  The other I was blasting this in my car, bouncing around and singing the words when I looked at the car next to me and it was someone I met a Chamber of Commerce meeting. They smiled at me the next time I saw them and I knew what they were thinking!

Something I am really excited about:

My daughter’s wedding is coming up in late October.  I promised myself that I would lose 20-30 lbs to look good for the wedding pictures.  I start this Monday, wish me luck!

Former Navy SEAL Having Huge Problems Getting Basic Help from VA – HELP him now!

Help This American Veteran & Hero

I believe that our American Veterans have put up with enough incompetence from this administration and especially from the VA.  The bureaucracy is killing many of our Veterans and we can’t stand by and watch anymore. Today I ran across a fellow Navy Veterans post [see below] about the problems and run around he has been getting while trying to get diagnosed for some medical issues he’s been having.  I will let him tell you specifically about how he’s been treated at the VA.  I wanted to get this out there for people to be able to share that aren’t following him on Facebook and tell you that this man is a warrior, non-complainer and in my eyes the epitome of an American hero.  I believe this man deserves our help!

His Facebook Post

Latest on my current VA debacle: After 4 visits to the ER over the past 2 weeks, the VA STILL can’t tell me my white…

Posted by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer on Monday, August 10, 2015

3 Ways You Can Help

  1. Go and “Like” his Facebook Page and let him know that you appreciate his service and ask him how you can help! [Click Here to LIKE his page]
  2. Submit a complaint to the VA via: on Behalf of “Craig Sawyer” Tucson, AZ VA, Not getting proper attention for medical condition, not getting reimbursed for Authorized visit to civilian hospital – see FB post for more about issues he’s having.
    1. VA Office of Inspector General Website
    2. Send an email to the OIG Hotline [[email protected]]
    3. Call the OIG and make a complaint – 1 (800) 488-8244
  3. Spread this Story Everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Google+.  We can’t help all our Veterans but we can help this guy.

Link to use when sharing on Social Media —> Copy & Paste [http://wp.me/p2J6hH-3y]

About Craig “Sawman” Sawyer

Craig “Sawman” Sawyer is a Marine veteran, former Navy SEAL, sniper, and combat instructor. Sawyer is also the owner of Tactical Insider, which brings technical advice on weapons and combat to Hollywood films and actors.  Sawyer began his military career with the U.S. Marine Corps, but switched to the U.S. Navy to pursue a career in special operations as a Navy SEAL graduating from the Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD)/Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) training class 149 and serving in SEAL Team ONE.  He then went on to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Throughout his career, Sawyer has become an expert in several military and combat disciplines like shooting; counter-terrorism; surveillance and counter-surveillance; climbing; criminal investigation; parachuting; and hand-to-hand combat, among others.After his military career, Sawyer has run specialized teams to provide security to politicians and dignitaries including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Negroponte.  Sawyer founded Tactical Insider to provide training and technical advice to films, actors, and corporate clients.  He has contributed to news shows like FOX News[1] and CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. He has also been a frequent contributor to History Channel‘s show Sniper: Deadliest Missions. Since 2010, Sawyer has been a recurring trainer for History’s marksmen competition Top Shot, appearing in all five seasons. In 2013, Craig lead a team of fellow spec ops veterans on a series of tactical missions against rhino poachers in Africa. These missions were filmed and aired on Animal Planet’s series, Battleground: Rhino Wars.

Sawyer is also a motocross racer and local Las Vegas champion. He was also selected by Maxim as “Maximum Warrior”.[2]

Other Ways We Can Help!

If you know any other ways that we can help Craig, please comment below and I will update this post.

Single Mom Gave Up Her Dreams To Raise Her Son, just incredible. The Surprise He Gives Her? Priceless!

Ryan is a US Navy Commander and he hasn’t seen his mom in two whole years.  Being in the Navy, he is almost never home for his own family.  The last time he spent time with his mom who lives in Southern California was during a layover in San Diego airport, on his way to Japan from Norfolk, VA where he is stationed. She drove over two hours just to drink coffee with him for 45 mins.

Ryan thanks his mother in this emotional video produced by Teleflora.  He shares his appreciation for her and her sacrificing her dreams of being a professional athlete to raise him as a single mom. He shares that through her sacrifice and instilling in him amazing values, he hopes he has become the man that she always dreamed of and that his dream is to pass those values down to his children.

I am warning you, it is impossible not to cry while watching this video.  It powerfully reminded me of how amazing my mother is, and her sacrifice for me as a single mom.

Please SHARE this video if you think every mom should hear this message!