‘Giving’ is the Best Form of Communication [Viral Video]

No Act of Kindness is ever too Small
No Act of Kindness is ever too Small

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“You have never really lived until you have done something for someone
who can never repay you”


I know many amazing people who are givers. But not all of them give without expecting something in return. Let’s face it, it’s human nature to want reciprocation. I know you’ve heard the saying, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”? A lot of us are unconsciously so self-seeking that everything we do, even within our closest relationships, is actually more like bartering rather than unselfish giving. I believe for many of us, this can be true even when we are dealing with ourselves.

I think we would all agree that giving feels good, but in reality not all forms of giving are equal. If we don’t ‘let go’ completely of what we gave, we are still holding on to what we gave.

We Need More Examples of Selfless Giving in Society

I think that the world we live in right now is heading towards disaster. We expect more and more for our government to take care of our family, friends and neighbors who are in need rather than us being part of the solution. We have attacked the institutions of our society who have typically been their for the needy and we have become bitter, resentful and even more selfish than selfless. I believe Americans are abandoning their Christian heritage and becoming more dependent on government to provide the example of how we look out for each other.

I know for me, transformational change came to me by watching people in my life demonstrate unselfish acts of kindness and giving. I remember as a young boy driving home late one night with my father, I was falling in and out of sleep and my father stopped at a grocery store on the way home. I woke up and went in the store with my dad thinking we had to pick up some milk and essentials, but instead my dad went down the aisles loading up the shopping cart till it was full. I was pretty excited because there were lots of treats and cereals that we typically didn’t buy for home. To my surprise, we stopped at a neighbors house and we unloaded all of the groceries and placed them on their front door and left. I remember asking my dad, why didn’t we ring the doorbell? He simply said, because then they would know it was us. It didn’t really sink until later in my life when I was on the receiving end of this type of giving. He didn’t want them to feel like they had to repay us. What he didn’t say even spoke to me louder. When we give in this manner, it comes back to us tenfold.