10 Awesome Things Google Does That You Probably Didn’t Know About

#1. Tip Calculator: This is one of my favorites! You can calculate exact tip amount for your meals. You can also adjust the percentage and number of people dining.

1 - Tip Calculator

#2. Check Flight Status: Just type in your flight number and airlines and Google will get you the current status of the flight.  Works great on your mobile too.

2 - Flight Status

#3. TV Guide: Google can tell you when your favorite TV show is on and the name of the episodes.

3 - TV Episodes

#4. Easy Translator: Google can quickly and easily translate your phrase into 80 languages. Just Google the from and to languages and you’re ready to translate.  It figures out the best way to say it in the translated language by checking patterns in hundreds of millions of documents.

4 - Translator

#5. Find All Books By Author: Google can quickly give you an author’s entire works with name, image and date.  Just type in “books by Author’s Name” and voila.

6 - books by author

#6. Songs by Artist:  Forgot the name of a song, but know the artist.  Google will bring up their entire discography with Album, year and length of the song.

7 - Songs by artist

#7. Company Info: Anything you want to know about a company and its history is at your fingertips.

8 - Company Info

#8. Instant Stock Prices: Want to know what your favorites stocks are trading at? Just type in the stock symbol or the name of the company and stock and you will have an interactive graph of everything you could want to know about that stock.

10 - Stock quotest

#9. Weather Forecast:  Get weather forecast for anywhere by typing in the City and Forecast and you will have an instant forecast.

9 - Weather Forecast

#10. Food Chooser:  Don’t know what food to choose for dinner, maybe this little tool will help you choose, or at least make a more informed decision.

5 - Food Choice