Single Mom Gave Up Her Dreams To Raise Her Son, just incredible. The Surprise He Gives Her? Priceless!

Ryan is a US Navy Commander and he hasn’t seen his mom in two whole years.  Being in the Navy, he is almost never home for his own family.  The last time he spent time with his mom who lives in Southern California was during a layover in San Diego airport, on his way to Japan from Norfolk, VA where he is stationed. She drove over two hours just to drink coffee with him for 45 mins.

Ryan thanks his mother in this emotional video produced by Teleflora.  He shares his appreciation for her and her sacrificing her dreams of being a professional athlete to raise him as a single mom. He shares that through her sacrifice and instilling in him amazing values, he hopes he has become the man that she always dreamed of and that his dream is to pass those values down to his children.

I am warning you, it is impossible not to cry while watching this video.  It powerfully reminded me of how amazing my mother is, and her sacrifice for me as a single mom.

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